Debbie Marriott is an FEI Instructor who is passionate about learning and teaching. Ever since she was a child she has been in love with horses and now passes her love on to others. Debbie believes that dressage training benefits every horse and rider and has experience teaching competitive students, pleasure riders, eventers, jumpers, barrel racers and even polo players. Her training techniques help to improve the horse's gaits, balance and confidence. Debbie customizes each student's lesson program to support their goals within their chosen discipline while focusing on the classical principles of the Dressage Training Scale. She is a knowledgeable, qualified instructor who can help you establish realistic, attainable goals for you and your horse.

Debbie believes that the key to effective training is to know your horse, individualize his exercise and management program and take it step-by-step making necessary changes along the way. Creative training includes the use of ground work, lunging, riding movements, cavaletti, jumping and riding to music. These activities can all help to strengthen different muscle groups and alleviate boredom. The result in effective training is a more supple, flexible, obedient and realized horse that is confident in his work.

An enthusiastic ambassador for the sport of Dressage, Debbie knows that developing good horses and riders does not happen overnight, it takes commitment to a trainer and a training program. "I believe it is a privilege when someone comes to me to be taught and I feel a sense of responsibility to be the best teacher that I can be. The greatest joy is watching a student grow and become a successful, confident rider."

Let Debbie help you achieve your goals. Let's celebrate together your accomplishments!