Designing a musical freestyle on your own can be time consuming, expensive and often frustrating. You spend hours listening and riding to music, struggle to edit your music, and can't figure out how design your choreography so that it is not "test like". You realize you are not receiving the maximum scores possible, and you are not having the fun you had hoped for. It's time to call in a professional! A freestyle designer whose experience, knowledge, ability and creativity can make your musical freestyle a joy for you to ride and a pleasure for others to watch. Debbie Marriott of Brentwood Sport Horses can assist you!

Since 1997, Debbie has been creating award winning musical freestyles for all levels of competitors. Her experience ranges from FEI level freestyles all the way down to the British Pony Club Introductory freestyle, and she has created award winning Pas de Deux and Quadrille freestyles as well. Because of her experience, Debbie is consistently sought out as a freestyle designer and choreographer for members of the United States Pony Club, participants in the Hoofbeats to Hope Freestyle Challenge as well as competitors at the National and Regional levels (many of whom are USDF Licensed Judges). Her strength in creating innovative, audience appealing, high scoring choreography is unsurpassed. Debbie knows that savvy music selections help engage audience and judges in the dance.

Let's Get Started

Once we receive your request for assistance, you will be sent a detailed questionnaire. It is vital that riders answer each question and provide as much detail as possible. The more information you provide to us, the easier it is to create your freestyle. If you are a local rider, we will come to your facility to begin the freestyle development process. If you are from out of the area or from out of the country, you will need to send a video of your horse in either competition or training so we can begin the process.

Freestyle development begins by establishing a horse's BPMs (Beats Per Minute) for each gait. This can be done on-site or by video. The next step is to select the musical genre that suits you and your horse best. It must match the horses' movement and personality, yet please and inspire the rider as well. Debbie's extensive music library contains pieces of music chosen specifically for walk, trot, piaffe/passage and canter. Once the client selects their music we develop creative, exciting, innovative choreography showing off your horse's strengths and talents with specific adherence to the compulsory elements required at each level. The final step is to custom edit the music you have selected. Custom music editing creates a seamless compilation of the music and your personal cd is then produced.


We understand that financially times are tough, and budgets are tight. We are proud of the fact that you will find our prices to be competitive and budget friendly. We don't want the desire to ride to music to be hampered by cost, so our prices are as follows:

Video review — $25.00

Music selection — $100.00 per session (each session is approximately 1.5 hours)

Custom music editing —

Choreography — $100.00 per session

Rush Fee — $150.00

Note: Local riders should plan on two or three sessions for music selection and two sessions for choreography. It is not uncommon, however, for a rider to choose their music in one session, and it is possible for Debbie to create the entire choreography in one session as well, especially for lower level competitors. It is not our desire or intention to spend your money frivolously, so we will take every step to complete your freestyle as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

Time to Completion

A variety of factors can affect the completion date of your musical freestyle: competition schedule, rush completion date, number of freestyles contracted before your contract arrives, level of freestyle being developed, etc. Riders should plan on 60-90 days from development phase to completion in most cases.


Debbie Marriott is dedicated to the development of musical freestyles and has earned the reputation as one of the area's leading freestyle designers. She has experience designing innovative, audience appealing, affordable freestyles for a wide variety of riders. She is proud to have a distinguished list of clients ranging from USDF Licensed Judges to pleasure riders just wanting to have fun and ride to music. Her clients have proudly ridden their musical freestyles at such prestigious shows including Dressage at Devon, US Dressage Finals, USDF National and Regional Dressage Championships, BLM Championships, United States Pony Club National and Regional Competitions, USDF Region 1 Youth Team Competition, Ride for Life Breast Cancer Benefit Competition, and Hoofbeats to Hope Ovarian Cancer Benefit Challenge.

Although Debbie is a freestyle designer, she is also a competitor. Debbie understands firsthand the demands placed on a rider when competing in musical freestyle competition. Whether she is riding a freestyle herself, preparing a freestyle for a long-time client or designing a freestyle for someone new, Debbie puts forth the same effort: to design a freestyle that is memorable, technically challenging and audience appealing. Regardless of the level of freestyle you would like to develop, you will receive a quality musical freestyle. We would be pleased to discuss your needs and we are willing to assist you in any way possible.

References Available Upon Request